My philosophy is that with the right people a company will thrive. The same goes for a community, city or state. My mission is to change the world by tracking down and headhunt the diamonds that makes the world progress. I´have been given this privilege as an international headhunter.  This essential skill I also apply as a Futurist, with my expertise being human capital and recruitment trends.  My territory is global working out of Los Angeles, New York, London, and Scandinavia, from where my team conduct domestic and international recruitments. 

Being a second generation headhunter, in addition to my first years as an apprentice for the greatest international headhunters in the U.S. and Scandinavia gave me a unique opportunity to be molded early in my career to become very knowledgeable and skilled in headhunting. Due to my love for my field I spent most evenings and weekends for the first 2 years, while learning from the best, researching and creating what would become a U.S. bestseller in my field; "Secrets of the Executive Search Experts".  Next, armed with the industry best practice method I started my successful global headhunter practice, and now two decades later I have completed over 3,500  key recruitments with a 93% hiring ratio, which also translates to 25,000 diamond candidates presented. This is in addition to personally conducting a total of 700 full cycle executive search assignments domestically and international.

 I´m  driven by being the best I can be in my field, which is also my passion and life calling. This is also why in addition to the 1000´s of successful recruitments I have conducted , have written close to a dozen books on my field of expertise, as I believe both human behavior and recruitment is a science, which can be dissected, next best practice models can be created, which I have done, and which when followed again and again produces the same excellent results in recruiting the game changers in the marketplace. 


I have always believed that with the gift of being an expert in headhunting it´s fully possible to change the world. I apply the same skills it being in the business world for my corporate clients, and through the non-profit Neighborhood Rescue of America I Chair, which is also the CSR arm of ESR, to recruit "the diamonds". The status quo of a business, city or community is directly  linked to its leadership. To validate this theory in the struggling communities I selected a random city, where I then headhunted a diamond team for a community turnaround, taking on the role as the project director to next achieve a historical victory of 75% reduction in crime, in the most dangerous community in Las Vegas. Through duplicating ESR´s best practice blueprint created and applying our headhunting skills we are now transforming the U.S. and changing the world. 

Next to presiding ESR and being the Chairman of Neighborhood Rescue of America I enjoy sharing my strategic knowledge and insights in client workshops with the goal to further increase their hiring ratio, plus presentations on our CSR program at HR events such as Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) , the National Sheriff Association´s and the National Conference on Preventing Crime annual conferences to provide insight to law enforcement leadership on my validated model for headhunting the diamonds required to transform the struggling communities and cities suffering with poverty and hig crime. In addition when time allows it workshops are conducted for individuals on how to become successful in the corporate world and in life. 


Being a world class headhunter and expert in human behavior has blessed me with not only each day to be able to do what I love, but also positively impact the lives of the diamond candidates we recruit and facilitate growth for our clients through these hires. In addition, my goal has since the inception of ESR to both be a company providing limitless growth for its excellent team members, as well as be a company of good as we change the world with our skillset of headhunting

Life Philosophy

"The success of a company, community, city or state is directly linked to its leadership, thereby recruiting "the diamonds" ensures growth and prosperity".

                             - Christian Schoyen