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Aug 012018

Great summer visiting several extraordinary police leaders I met over the last years at my sessions for law-enforcement leadership, who took on the Neighborhood Rescue of America Challenge. One of them was role model police officer David Colon, who is now leading the national challenge, who under the great leadership of Police Chief Charles Broadway in Florida spearheaded the turnaround of their highest crime community with a record 90% reduction in crime.

Sep 212017

ESR´s Corporate Social Responsibility program is now covering 13 U.S. states with its Research Associate intern program at Neighborhood Rescue of America. More than 800 applicants have in the last 4 weeks been received for the 100 current available intern positions. This groundbreaking program offers a career track and is focused on individual growth in the areas of research, recruitment, and leadership, while in parallel enabling the participants to put these skills to work by assisting in the turn arounds of the high crime urban neighborhoods in the United States.

Jul 022017

As part of ESR’s CSR program I was privileged to be selected as one of the key teachers at the prestigious National Sheriff’s Association’s 2017 annual conference in Reno, Nevada, which gathered the US law-enforcement leadership with its over 2500 Sheriff’s from all across the country for training. In my session on June 28th, which had law enforcement executives from across the US, also some I knew from before, the focus was on strategies on how to reduce crime in low-income ethnic communities through rehabilitation, while enhancing police respect and safety. Amazing participants, who all had spent a lifetime in their career to make a difference. Got also a chance to experience the beautiful Northern Nevada city, Reno.

Jun 182017

This newly designed university class; Neighborhood Rescue 101, which is part of my company’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, was first kicked off at Fullerton College in California with over 60 impressive sociology students who had tons of excellent questions and reflections on the subject. In next weeks and months I will conduct guest lectures of the class at a number of leading Universities in California, followed with a national rollout. This multi-disciplinary college class, which is created on the principles of sociology, criminology and psychology examines the non-organic/organic stages of a turn-around, patterns in failed and successful community projects all across America and is used to recruit for Neighborhood of America’s national college internship positions.

Jun 062017

On Friday, June 2nd, I was honored to teach an amazing group from law enforcement both domestically and internationally at the 32nd Annual National Police Conference in Orlando, Florida which was hosted by Attorney General Pam Bondi and the Florida Police Departments. My seminar was “Preventing Crime in the Black community”. This was my second time teaching at this conference which drew 3200 people from law enforcement. My class topic was “How to turn around high crime low-income ethnic neighborhoods through partnerships while enhancing police safety and respect”. In the session, I was excited to announce that our organization is now active in 7 states and rapidly growing within the continental United States. It was great to see friends from last year’s conference and I look forward to return shortly to the beautiful state of Florida.